border-radius in selected items

Hello, people,

I have a vertical menu on my website (in construction) as follow:

<ul id="menu">
          <li> submenu </li>
<li>... more rows in the menu

In CSS I put on this:

ul#menu {some things;
         border-radius: 0px 20px 20px 0px;

Question about overriding a graphic bullet in a ul/li block


I am working with a Wordpress theme. Ifn their ul/li they use an out of proportion arrow bullet. In order to make sure any change I make will not be overwritten by the next update, I am trying to reclass ul/li. Currently, I have been able to turn of the oversized bullets in my sample, but I have been unable to get a standards bullet like circle or square to display in my ul/li case. This is a small sample that exhibits the problem. I am pretty new to CSS/html, so any insight would be appreciated.

BTW, the div inclusion is set up to match what I see in their html file.


problem with combining styles

I am working with a Wordpress stylesheet. By the time is gets to me, ul and li have defined with an arrow bullet. For one list I don't want that graphic bullet, and I don't want the indent. this a sample is made to reduplicate the problem.

Getting text vertically centred in an <ul>/<li>/<a> tag

I am having trouble trying to figure this out. I have tried vertical-align:center and padding-top:9px, but the first just doesnt work (in any tags), and the padding just ADDS the padding on top of the background image there already.
All I want is the text to be in the middle of the bar.


CSS selectors: How to select only first level of li elements?

Hi, never used css selectors extensively, but decided it's time to learn them. I was reading on w3, and figured that > selector should do, but it only works for some things.

Here's sample menu code:

					<mainmenu class="leftF">
							<li><a href="#"><span>Home</span></a></li>
							<li><a href="#"><span>Services</span></a>
									<li><a href="#"><span>Logo Design</span></a></li>
									<li><a href="#"><span>Web Design</span></a></li>
									<li><a href="#"><span>Web Developement</span></a></li>

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