Why Does Style Block Affect Some Properties But Not Width of #primary_menu?

Why Does Style Block Affect Some Properties But Not Width of#primary_menu
Why isn't #primary_menu being selected for width, but is selected for other properties on the page at the following link, using the style shown after the link?

Overlapping Padding...

Hi there,

I have a problem with my layout and can't find a solution

The following code works fine but due to constraints of the j2ee platform I'm using I need the 'field' <span> to be enclosed in a <div>. As you'll see if you surround each span with the field class in a div, this breaks the layout resulting in the field span's padding overlapping the parent 'wfVarContainer'. I'm hoping someone most knowledgeable than I can fix this and explain what's happening...


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Working with media queries

Hi All,

I’m working on a site for my holiday house and I want the layout to be mobile device friendly. So I have been working with media queries but to date I have had no success getting them to do my bidding (my site remains stubbornly laptop and PC centric).

I did wonder if I needed to use

’s to wrap the content or more likely I just don’t know what I’m doing. The site is (www.loftnz.com-only homepage and images up and working so far) Here’s my CSS which is in a separate linked file. Any advice/help gratefully accepted.

@media only screen and (max-device-width:750px) {

How i Add Social Button

I have games site I want to add Social share button on top of my site above games Babyhazelgames4u I want FB , G+ , T button Only show on home page not show on internal pages.

I need some layout ideas for my site

Hi there,

I have this site: www.toatecuvintele.ro which acts as a Romanian dictionary. Please give me some ideas of design and how could I make it look better.
The css is based on foundation.

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