How i Add Social Button

I have games site I want to add Social share button on top of my site above games Babyhazelgames4u I want FB , G+ , T button Only show on home page not show on internal pages.

I need some layout ideas for my site

Hi there,

I have this site: which acts as a Romanian dictionary. Please give me some ideas of design and how could I make it look better.
The css is based on foundation.

Personal Resume Website CSS styling bugs

Hi everyone,

I am completely new to css and have attempted to build and style my own website as a personal resume.

The problem i have is on smaller screens, such as mobile devices, the pages start allowing a scroll to the right and the page colouring ends leaving the background showing.

you can see an example of this on my site in the link below, if you shrink the browser window and scroll to the right the background shows through.

Can someone please help me with this issue I can post my code if need be?

how get div to surround chart created with absolute elements?

I have a page which displays a genealogical pedigree chart. It uses absolutely positioned boxes for people and for the lines that connect the boxes.

The page works fine, but I want to use it in a different context -- I want to include it inside surrounding content for a presentation.

Is there some way to create a div to surround this content?

The code for the page is large, so I won't post it here, but the CSS is below

IE7 and below "display:table" layout

Hi all CSS Creators users,

As you already know, every element on a web page is a rectangular box. The display property in CSS determines just how that rectangular box behaves. If I use "display:table" there are chances a whole set of display values the force non-table elements to behave like table-elements are at our disposal, but it sometimes allows you to be "more semantic" with your code while utilizing the unique positioning powers of tables. So put in this way what I am asking to the forum is: How could I take care of legacy MS Internet Explorer compatiblity in this case?

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