CSS line on the page to reffer to another layout version.

Hi fellows,
I've developed few years ago a website that doesn't have media queries for tablet/mobile layout.

Well, this website have more then 500 pages.

So, my client ask me to convert only the front page and few more pages to fit mobile layout.

My question is, what CSS or HTML should I write On the pages that doesn't have mobile layout, that will refer automatically every one who's browsing this page to the mobile layout only when there is one.?
Thanks ahead,
Amir Cohen, Buffalo NY.

Basic Issues with Page Layout

Hi All,

So I've decided to start using Google Web Designer, a desktop application for Mac/Windows. I made my first site (just one page for now), and I'm having a little difficulty with figuring a few things out. Here's what I'm struggling with:

• if you resize your window or even open the page on a differently sized monitor, it just stays where it is, it doesn't move to accommodate the size of your browser window.
• there is no scroll bar.
• when I hyperlink text, I'm required to make it blue and underlined.

If anyone has any ideas they'd be greatly appreciated!

Why Does Style Block Affect Some Properties But Not Width of #primary_menu?

Why Does Style Block Affect Some Properties But Not Width of#primary_menu
Why isn't #primary_menu being selected for width, but is selected for other properties on the page at the following link, using the style shown after the link?

Overlapping Padding...

Hi there,

I have a problem with my layout and can't find a solution

The following code works fine but due to constraints of the j2ee platform I'm using I need the 'field' <span> to be enclosed in a <div>. As you'll see if you surround each span with the field class in a div, this breaks the layout resulting in the field span's padding overlapping the parent 'wfVarContainer'. I'm hoping someone most knowledgeable than I can fix this and explain what's happening...


Many thanks in advance,


Working with media queries

Hi All,

I’m working on a site for my holiday house and I want the layout to be mobile device friendly. So I have been working with media queries but to date I have had no success getting them to do my bidding (my site remains stubbornly laptop and PC centric).

I did wonder if I needed to use

’s to wrap the content or more likely I just don’t know what I’m doing. The site is (www.loftnz.com-only homepage and images up and working so far) Here’s my CSS which is in a separate linked file. Any advice/help gratefully accepted.

@media only screen and (max-device-width:750px) {

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