A zoom-able user interface with CSS?

Hi guys, I've been surfing the internet for the past couple of days to view impressive webpages, and one i'm still mindblown by is: http://2011.beercamp.com/

I really want to recreate my own version of this (with my own text and pics) for fun, but I'm still confused as to how it works even after reading http://2011.beercamp.com/colophon/ .

Can anyone give me a recommended workflow as to how to teach myself advanced CSS and stuff like this? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!! Laughing out loud

How does CSS height work?

I am working on a web app, this is my first one. I am trying to understand how these things work but am having trouble figuring out how they work together. Neither can I find any good pages / tutorials. For example, this page says:

Relative Positioning

A relative positioned element is positioned relative to its normal position:

odd layout using divs and CSS

Hey All,

I'm trying to make a table of rows and columns using divs.

I've got this on my page:

How to use media queried for responsive layout

I need to design a website for making it responsive and mobile friendly. The current layout is table based. will it be easy to make it mobile friendly just by tweaking CSS (media queries) or need to change the HTML structure to table-less first?

Here is the website: http://www.webtoolhub.com/

The inner pages are more complex. What is the best way to go mobile friendly?

CSS line on the page to reffer to another layout version.

Hi fellows,
I've developed few years ago a website that doesn't have media queries for tablet/mobile layout.

Well, this website have more then 500 pages.

So, my client ask me to convert only the front page and few more pages to fit mobile layout.

My question is, what CSS or HTML should I write On the pages that doesn't have mobile layout, that will refer automatically every one who's browsing this page to the mobile layout only when there is one.?
Thanks ahead,
Amir Cohen, Buffalo NY.

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