Redesign of Artist Web Page

I hand coded the http// web page three years ago. I am in a redesign for responsive adaptability and am wondering if my "gallery" pages for Ann's work ( should continue to be in the table tag? Is this the proper usage of that tag in this instance?

As I live in a remote part of Texas and all I have is dial-up, I want to design this page so that anybody in the world can visit it, including myself. So I am somewhat opposed to j-query and javascript to create a portfolio. So I am most interested in html and css for my code.

What the best way to show images are responsive

Hey guys this is my first post, quick question how can i show the images in bootsrap has responsive value here is my demo all images is not responsive, is there the best way to show images responsive, if you have free time please drop here your example script will big thanks if you give me clue, Thanks


Footer overlap

I am using Vantage theme for my wordpress site.

I see the content getting overlapped by footer. I tried to change the css file.
But the changes do not reflect .

Please Help!

Remove padding from main page?

Here is the link to my website, I have not customized the photos yet as I wanted to get the layout right before I screwed anything else up.

I am wanting the footer to be higher up, preferably where I do not have to scroll on the main page.


Auto-resize a <div> image when there is a second <div> inside the main <div> wrapper

I have a .well.carousel and inside that I have two , one is the image and the other is the title text. I managed to auto-resize the image, but when I reduce the height of my well.carousel then the title text falls out of the .well.carousel. How do I get the image to resize such that the title text also stays enclosed within .well.carousel when my height is 150px (see Fiddle)????

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