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I know this is going to sounds VERY strange.

I used CSS creator to generate a simply layout (in CSS) . I am trying to learn and their layouts provide a perfect starter template. Here's the strange part.

I made 2 layouts on 2 different computers. BOTH look great in ( I know I know) IE7 and completely wrong in Chrome (newest release).

"3 column liquid-layout" Modification


Do you know this layout ?
Holy Grail 3 column liquid-layout: No Quirks Mode, No IE Conditional Comments

I'm trying to make it look like:

I'm trying to insert this new div called "banner" above the main and the right-menu and besides the left-menu.

Can anyone help me ? I'm with this problem for days!


Cause floated elements to go from top to bottom...

Hi all

I'm adding elements to a DIV using Javascript at the moment. These elements are floated right, and the effect is that they appear in the top right corner, and are added to the left until there's no horizontal space, at which point they begin in the next row.

What I'd like to happen is that the elements are added below the previous, and if there's no room left vertically, they are added in the next column.

Any ideas?


Gausie Smile

Rather new to CSS, Need help on how to approach a design.

TLDR version:
I need some ideas for how to code this mockup:

Long winded version:
Hello everyone, first I'd like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my post and help me out. With out people like you the internet would be a very dark place indeed.

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