Can I prevent one column in a table from wrapping?

I have tabulated information in two columns on a web page. I would like the left-hand column to be just wide enough to hold the longest piece of text, so that any wrapping takes place in the right-hand column. So far as I can tell, the "white-space: no-wrap" property would have to be applied separately to individual cells. Is there a way of avoiding this? It seems that CSS does not generally recognise table columns.
I have a couple of workarounds, but neither is ideal:

Help with full width site

I am building a site with a full width header, navigation and footer and I am wanting to align the nav and footer copy centrally but still have it left aligned. I have tried using text indent but on smaller screen sizes it doesn't work as the copy stays where it is no matter what size screen it is viewed on.

Is this possible? If so how?

Cheers in advanced.


something in my mind, fit width and margin auto

I wish to create a dom container which fit the width of the content size.

like this...

[this is the content this is the content this is the content]
[this is the content]
[this is the content this is the content this is the content this is the content]

but not like this

[this is the content                                                   ]
[this is the content this is the content this is the content           ]


Chrome & CSS Creator

I know this is going to sounds VERY strange.

I used CSS creator to generate a simply layout (in CSS) . I am trying to learn and their layouts provide a perfect starter template. Here's the strange part.

I made 2 layouts on 2 different computers. BOTH look great in ( I know I know) IE7 and completely wrong in Chrome (newest release).

"3 column liquid-layout" Modification


Do you know this layout ?
Holy Grail 3 column liquid-layout: No Quirks Mode, No IE Conditional Comments

I'm trying to make it look like:

I'm trying to insert this new div called "banner" above the main and the right-menu and besides the left-menu.

Can anyone help me ? I'm with this problem for days!


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