A css site with javascript using a cms

Hi I hope I am not going to embarrass myself! I have been working for awhile and think I have something that is worth asking for feedback. Tongue

I have been working to convert my static html site made with dreamweaver into a dynamic site using the MODx cms system. You can find the static site at the website linked in my name, and the current modded site is at http://dev.m289.net/

Help with an embeded object's position in IE. Ok with Firefox.

Crazy I can not get this to look correctly and I know that it is a simple code. Please visit the following URL and let me know if you can help!

When viewing in Firefox, the calendar shows up correctly.
When viewing in Internet Explorer, the calendar displays at the bottom of the page.


joomla site centering dynamic width

I have a joomla site that I wanted to have a dynamic width. i set the page to 950 px and then set margin to: margin: 0 auto;

but it doesn't seem to work. When the page is stretched out, everything sticks to the left.
I have 3 css files Attached and the php.

Thanks for your help!


#wrap {min-width: 950px;margin:0 auto;}
.designer {min-width: 950px;margin:0 auto;}


                 MAIN FONT & BG COLOR
body {

IE7 creating gap between Nav and subcontent. working in all other browsers.

I'll post the essentials first.d

Live example:



<div id="wrapper">
<img class="main_image" src="images/DT.png" alt="DT Arcieri photograph" />
	<h1>DT Arcieri - playwright based in Long Island, New York</h1> 
    <ul id="nav">
	    <li class="selected"><a href="#" title="Homepage of DT Arcieri (You are already here)" class="selected"">Home</a></li>
    	<li><a href="plays.html" title="A thorough list of plays written by DT Arcieri">Plays</a></li>

background (image) position way off


Can anyone see why the white background of "top_menu" is displayed all the way at the top of the page?
(with Firefox - not checked MSIE yet)


Been pulling my hair out about this. Starting to wish I had never started.


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