Using a container for all content

From a newb: I am looking for the safest CSS layout. I am thinking of a container div and putting all my other divs (masthead,content,colums, footer, etc.) inside of it. This seems to me the safest, easiest way to layout a page. What do I not know that I should know about this type of layout, like why don't more people use it? And what positioning should I use? I was thinking a relative div for the container and absolute divs inside of that. I appreciate your help!

Please help check my site ( having big time problem with IE that causing my drop down menu not showing up )

Hi guys,

Can i post my site that using blogger template here as i facing problem with IE with my top menu out of alignment and i couldn't find the source of the problem.

if possible please help me find out where is the problem as that problem is making my link not showing up in IE and even worse in older version of IE .

1stly i have 2 site but both using same template and only the one that using having more problem than the other one that is using own domain and i don't understand why.

Thanks a millions....... below are the details


How to solve vertical alignment issues...?

Hello everyone!

I'll try my best to explain what I mean. I hope this makes sense:

I have had som trouble getting my site layout to work.

I've used absolute positioning with a 50% value for top and left alignment, and then used a negative margins to center the whole site.

The problem is that in a small window the content doesn't stop at the top and left corner, but instead it proceeds out of the frame...

Is there any way too solve this?


Columns jumping in IE

I am working on a web site and, naturally, I'm having problems with IE compatibility. So far, I have been unable to find anyone else having this problem. When viewed in the latest version of IE, everything renders correctly through the header and into the first column, but when it gets to the first link, it forces it into the next column, after which everything flows normally until the next section where the cycle repeats.

Can anyone think of a reason this might be happening. Everything validates in the W3C validator, and works perfectly in Firefox, Opera, and Safari.


A css site with javascript using a cms

Hi I hope I am not going to embarrass myself! I have been working for awhile and think I have something that is worth asking for feedback. Tongue

I have been working to convert my static html site made with dreamweaver into a dynamic site using the MODx cms system. You can find the static site at the website linked in my name, and the current modded site is at

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