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Hi, I am designing the layout of my website in Illustrator before I begin to write it up in Dreamweaver. I am wondering how to style it so that whatever the browser size, the website will take up the height of the browser. I also want to centre my buttons horizontally in a div so they have the same space above and below them.

I have tried using 100% height in both the body and a container div and then assigning lesser percentages to the other divs. This did not work for me.

I have attached a diagram below to better explain what I want to do.

Gap above the footer!

First of all, Hello everyone,
and thanks for watching or starting to watch this thread.

The site i'm going to refer to is : HERE u can also download a .zip file as it is (html,css+img) on the site.

So far everything i worked on, i managed to do what i wanted with it (with a lot of searching, etc)
maybe with some things i don't need, but i validated it and it seemed ok.

The only thing that keeps bugging me is the div with wich i fill the gap between the menu and the footer.

How do I do this with CSS & div-elements?

Hello there,

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I have only managed to do this with table-elements, which is a bit frustrating because i think it looks ugly in my markup.

What I want to do is to make a layout with two, three or more columns. I want the columns to have the same height, this is critical because the background will be colored and it will look stupid if one is shorter than the others. Second thing is that the columns have to stretch to the height of the element with the highest inner text.

Strange gaps appear when zooming


Justified horizontal nav double banking in IE

I really want this nav bar to stretch exactly the length of my web site but am having some strange margins show up on the right and left, as well as different layout from FF to IE. I've had to use padding for button size, but might have gone wrong there. There is also some interesting top/bottom margin/padding in order to get it to line up properly below the flash header.

Link: http://www.cholenapegues.com/bruno/index.html


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