How to Convert a WordPress Site into a Mobile App?

Hello All,

I work in a mobile app development company, I have some confusion that anyone can help me with the circumstances How to Convert a WordPress Site into a Mobile App?

Thanks in advance.

Can I use CSS to bring a Frontpage 4.0 site into the 21st century?

I've been asked to be honorary editor of an online magazine and I'm trying to bring it up to date. As well as writing and editing content, I want to look at using a css file for styling and to bring in Bootstrap for display on different devices. The magazine was born in an age when phones were dumb or dumber and everyone viewed pages on a desktop!

I only have basic knowledge of CSS and a reasonable familiarity with HTML, sufficient to know when something is inefficient! Some parts I cannot change, ie the corporate style.

IE CSS issues;

I have a site @ On that site i have some IE issues and believe it or not, some firefox2 issues. Let me start with IE issues:
In the boxes on the front page, you will see text like "News" and "Member Login". I have an image that creates the color behind that text in the boxes. Notice how the color (image) does not stretch to the right side of the box. It stops short in IE. In firefox2, that is not seen. Here is the CSS for those colors (images):

.box_header {

CSS alignment issue. IE only

My website developed by the Bootstrap4, but the page is confusing on IE, is there any way to solve this problem quickly?

CSS Grids – style grid cells independently for a post feed


I would like to style a post feed module (Divi theme) so that the first column is 50% width and the rest of the 7 are 25%, creating a grid like this

I have this CSS grid code so far, but I can’t find a way of editing it to get the desired layout.

.ds-grid-blog .et_pb_ajax_pagination_container {
display: grid;
grid-template-columns: repeat(5, 18%);
grid-column-gap: 2.5%;}

Is there some code I could add like “column-one, row-one: 50%;”

Any help would be much apreciated,,, thanks.

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