CSS code to correct padding issue on Site Title

Hello everyone,

This is my first post I hope someone can help me. My website is andypiggott.com. The mobile version of the site title has too much padding(?) above and below. It is fine when viewed on a desktop. Could anyone please help with a piece of CSS to correct this?

Thank you.

when I click on arrow icon in FaQ the arrow icon is turning very fast to opposite position?I want it to turn slowly!

I have made FAQ with HTML,CSS,JS.
everything is working fine but there is a little problem .
when I click on arrow icon to open an answer in de FAQ the arrow is turning very quick to the opposite position.
I tried to fix it with transition and animation CSS but id didn't work.
this is CSS code :

.flex-container-contact-page-section2 {
.container-faq h2 {
	padding:1rem 48px;
	 color: #ffd978;
.accordion {

Using multiple .html pages in grid


I'm working on a project that will be used strickly offline. It will basically be a "control panel" on a touch screen used to deliver information to and send instruction from an operator to a couple of microcontrollers. I'm relaying this information just in case someone is curious. I don't believe what I am looking for has to do with the actual project.

I Need help for mobile view

i just created a website (www.edenjungle.net) login: (nilla)

mobile view of the website is not as expected. im not able to see the text properly and the arrangement are off for the home page. how do i code in css to overcome this only for mobile view.

Problem with apple mobile and ipad devices?

Hi Guys,

I've got an odd one for you, my site is displaying perfectly on everything except apple mobiles and ipads - there is some odd code that seems to be setting some kind of background over the top of some text.

I can't seem to locate the code

Can anyone help please?

Text issue
Website Link

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