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Hi there,

Im a backend developer and dont really deal with front end, but I need to know how to do the following.

basically i need to know how to position the following:

<label class='name'>Name here:</label>
<label class='desc'>Description of form here</label> (this will be a smaller font-size)
<input type='text' name='name' />

I need the the label desc under the label name and the input to to left of of both name and desc. All without using the <br />

Can anyone help?


Specify CSS to each label in a form.

Hi there! This is my first post, also the first time i need aid with CSS (and when i mean aid, i could not find the solution by google it).
Anyway, this is my scenario.
I want to specify css to one particular label. Now the conditions are, i can't edit the HTML form, but do have access to CSS!
Below i have provided an example. There are two labels, the CSS is making a rule for both of them.

The Question! ┬┐Does anybody know how to alter just one of the label with out touching the HTML?
For example, label1: color red; label2:color: black;



label alignment in IE and Safari

Hi, any idea how to fix the vertical alinment of the label here:

It looks central in firefox, but looks too high in Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Many thanks

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