Javascript dropdown hidden in IE

I have a newly-launched website where the javascript dropdown menu is appearing behind (and being hidden by) the homepage slideshow image in IE. It renders properly in FF and Safari, and it renders properly in front of normal HTML elements on all pages of the site other than the homepage. I went in and assigned a z-index to the menu and the div containing the slideshow but it had no effect. Not sure what to do next and would love some help.

Can I create a 'double rollover' with multiple targets?

So I have a rollover sprite that's working just fine in all browsers. What I would like to do is make it so when one rolls over one of the links, text will be displayed below the sprite. So like, somebody rolls over the link labeled "Physical Therapy", and as they do so, below the image sprite is displayed a brief description of Physical Therapy; I need the same to happen for two other links.

I'm using the following code:

   <style type="text/css">
        .slide {
        position: relative;
        a.ban_1 {
        display: block;

Hiding things with CSS, JavaScript or jQuery

To hide elements using CSS you can set display to none or visibility to hidden.
The difference is that with display:none the element is not on the page, where as with visibility:hidden the area is reserved for the element, so the space where the element would be if it was visible is still there, just empty.

Below is a DOM, JavaScript function that will display or hide a element given it's ID.

function showorhide(id){
   if(document.getElementById(id)){    //check the element exists and can be accessed

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