Image rollover effect

HI I have the following..(in a row)

[<img src="home.jpg" alt="home" name="home" id="home" onmouseover="HomeAct(this)" onmouseout="Home(this)"/>
<img src="services.jpg" alt="servicio" name="servicios" id="servicios" onmouseover="ServicioAct(this)" onmouseout="Servicio(this)"/>
<img src="inst.jpg" alt="instala" id="instalaciones" onmouseover="InstalacionAct(this)" onmouseout=	"Instalacion(this)"/>
<img src="salon.jpg" alt="salon" id="salon"
onmouseover="SalonAct(this)" onmouseout="Salon(this)"/>

CSS question

I have a website I am working on for a local historical society, but I
am running into problems with vertically aligning the text in buttons
on a Spry Menu Bar (the code for which being generated with
Dreamweaver. I am trying to make the hyperlink for the button go away
when it would normally link to the current page, and make the text
bold, while keeping all other aspects of the button the same as the
others. However, the text will not vertically align properly (I've
"vertical-align: middle", "vertical-align: 50%", and making both the

jQuery Social Share Toolbar

This is the instructions on how to build your own social share toolbar using jQuery and CSS3. The toolbar should be visible at the bottom right corner of your browser. If you hover over the toolbar it will slide up, click the minimize button it will all but disappear, click one of the icons and you will be taken to either the login page or the share page of that social site.

Share toolbar

Overlaying jpg and png images


New here and have been stuck with a slight css/javascript problem. I am using open source code from: TwitStream

What I would like to do is overlay the Twitter jpg image avatars with a transparent png image - like a watermark. My problem is, do I recode the css AND the javascript files or is there a quicker, easier css only method?

Is there a way to change each jpg avatar to appear as a background image, overlapped with a png of the same size?

Job: Web and UI Design - HTML/CSS/JavaScript


I couldn't find a better place to post this job ad, so I'm posting here. If you're interested, please follow this link to apply:



Web and UI Design - HTML/CSS/JavaScript

$60,000-$70,000 + super

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