JS menu styling conflicting with Wordpress CSS?

Hi, forgive me; I'm not sure if this question is better suited in the Off topic section, due to the Javascript menu, or if it's better in the CMS section since it also deals with Wordpress, so I've posted this in both places for now.

IE9 - transparent images, border shown anyway.

I am a javascript developer.
I have this weird problem, with IE of course. Only this time ONLY IE9 bugs.
I have made a picture slidehow: www.usefulurl.com/i13b
Press a thumb picture to see it. Slide around using the arrow keys.
When i close it(ESC) and enter a new one,
!! the pictures are transparent, which they should not be, though the border is still shown?? Puzzled !!
This weird, weird problem, which I've tried to fix in many ways, only occurs in IE9.

how put fixed-width fields in list element?

Is there a way to make sections of text in a list element have a fixed width so that they line up with the same sections in other list elements?

Here is an example of what I'm trying to do:

On that page, each list item contains two items:
1 - a directory name
2 - information about that directory

This is a modification of jQuery TreeView Menu (v1.4).

I hate javascript

Hello, let me start off by saying I have this website. http://AlFatir.com if you go to it you will see that it has a hover over code, but it's in javascript, the problem with is that, I send my portfolio out to companies, and sometimes if they are using something like IE7, this page won't load correctly on their browsers. I wanted to know what kind of css code i could possibly use to replace for the javascript code. Thank You

css in JavaScript help!!!

just cant figure out why this wont work

if (sChkId=='chk2')

f3= form3
t1 = table1

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