IE11, Edge and Resposive website design.

Do any of you by any chance have an idea of what is going on with the site? I believe it had to be something with the css but i 'am not sure. Only In IE (11 in my case) after opening website, any time you click on the any link IE window will shrink down to mobile size. Take a look at the video. It might have something with the bootstrap but i can't figure it out and it only happens if you have one tab opened, if you have two it works just fine... Thanks!!

Website is:



Fastest way to live preview your CSS changes in all browsers


I am looking for the best way to develop and preview CSS directly from the browser.

I personally preferred Firebug's CSS features along with its direct CSS edit. But I was hit by 3 problems that:

  • there is no good solution for IE, Opera
  • it does not remember the changes
  • usually you end up changing only the attributes of CSS properties and not writing the CSS

The solutions that exist involve Live CSS editing with the help of external softwares. But they are still not very intuitive or integrated well enough.

@font-face in Internet explorer?

Hi guys,

I hope someone could help me with my problem.
I'm trying to get a special font in my css. Here's my code:

@font-face {  
		font-family: "Trajan Pro";
                src: url('default/templates/font/TrajanPro-Regular.ttf') format("truetype"); 

In Chrome, Firefox and Opera it works, except for Internet Explorer.

Is there a special code, of a way I can make this work in Internet Explorer to?



HELP! My HTML page showing different in Firefox and IE.

Hey! I really need some help, I'm getting desperate. I'm not good doing html or css. But I learn on the way and check tips and tricks from the net.

Now I've done a new layout for my blog, you can check it: and everything looks great in Firefox and Mac, but when I browse it in IE = internet explorer, it doesn't show the "sidebar" correctly, where I introduce myself and welcome my readers to the blog and theres also a small pic, instead of putting it on the left side the browser IE puts all the way up and pretty much in the middle.

Vertical Overflow Problem with Internet Explorer

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to implement a multi-tab/accordion style menu to my site. However, the overflow of the menu is not displaying correctly on IE (of course!).

Here is the link to the menu (located on the left side). It is displaying fine in FF, but for IE, the overflow is going over to the footer.

Can anyone give me any suggestions to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance.


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