CSS sector targeting error for nested DIVs

I am familiar with the concept of inheritance but cannot determine how to fix my CSS. Because I'm using an iframe tag, it appears that unless I set the desired height attribute for head, body, div (the one marked with ID #content), and iframe to 98% (or any other desired number), the presentation collapses. Each tag seems to requires the height attribute. (This is my first use of the iframe tag.)

conflict table within a div and css not applies

Hi all of you,

I have just joined the CSS creator community looking for advice and help. I would like to help other if possible, although I am kinda new bee with css. Smile

So, the thing is that I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I cannot make a css to apply to a table which is displaying results from my mysql. You can see it live by yourself here. Just tick a box in the form and the results will be displayed below (if needed scroll a bit down)

CSS ahref issue

Hello all and thanks in advance for the time you'll take to read my post and provide any help. I have a relatively simple problem. I have the code below on my website and i can't really figure out why the text in the link(i.e. the x) isn't red. It always gets the a rule from the div "first" and i cant' understand why.I've tried saying .tag a{color:red;} but nothing. I've set the rule to the span, to the li to the ul, but NOTHING works.I know that the closer a rule is to the HTML it overrides previous rules, but it doesn't seem to happen here. Any ideas?

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