IE9 does not work with max-width and min-width

I am wanting to put a form 100% on screen, but with restrictions for a minimum and maximum width, ie, I want you 100% of the width of the screen, but at most 1250 and at least 950.

Code works in chrome and ff:

<body style="padding:0px;margin:0px;">
<div style="max-width:1250;min-width:950;width:100%;background-color:#F00;">
<div style="width:50%;background-color:#0F0;">
<input style="width:50%;">

Thanks and sorry for my poor english.

How do i use CSS min-width properly in IE?

Below is how the div looks in my CSS


googling the answer I came across this solution:

* html div#division {
width: expression( document.body.clientWidth < 334 ? "333px" : "auto" ); /* set min-width for IE */
min-width: 333px; /* sets min-width value for all standards-compliant browsers */

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