image borders


How do I place a border around an image on my page ?

I'm trying to create the page with a box-based layout.


CSS Grid Layout not correct ...



This is a link to my original query in CSS Layouts ...

CSS Grid Layout is not correct ...

As always, any solutions/tips/links/etc would be welcome.



Some images not loading in wordpress

When i upload images in my Word Press post, Images are not correctly appearing in my WordPress blog post. my blog address is

Can you please check and help me Thanks and Regards,


Resizing an image on click

Hi All

I have been searching for an answer but I can't find - probably because I am asking the wrong question!

Specifically I have a large map of the South West of England with some details on it. At it's largest the map doesn't make sense and is too big. But if I hover over map it brings up detail and is then clickable to take you through to further content. However I would also like to be able to provide some buttons on the side to enable increasing the map size. However, I still need to be able to move the whole map within the frame by click and move using a mouse.

Issue with the way images are beig displayed (don't see how to change the code)

Hey, can anyone help me change this templates "Our Work" section to load up only specific images when you click on each link: All Projects,Design,Photography,Video

Right now this section uses the same photo's for all the sub sections and just rearranges them.

What I need for example: "Image01.jpg" to only appear in "Design", but right now it will also appear in "All Projects" & vice versa.

This is the template:

Thanks Smile

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