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I am trying to create a block colour navigation bar from an image to go across the top of the webpage and down on the left with a small gap for a logo in the top left hand corner. My website is currently located at http://garethgroup.bravenet.com/asset/existingprojects/TBSN/index.html. The website is intended to be a system where I can put all my business ideas (none have any money yet sadly). I want to teach myself how to programme CSS and PHP as part of this project and just need some help with sorting out the CSS as I have looked on the web and I don't really understand.

Making the clickable link area bigger, but using an image link

I found this page earlier and it details how to get something like that working: http://v3.thewatchmakerproject.com/journal/154/simple-css-how-to-make-clickable-areas-bigger

Div not effecting image


thank you for past help, I was advised to read the tutorials on CSS etc. and validate my document, well, I have since done so and it finds only one error in my doucmen twhich is align not suported, (but is because it works.


the point is I still cannot get my css to work. I have changed the name of my images etc. the css styling is not having any effect. please could someone help me I have spent countless hours trying to get this to work.

here is the code, (simplified)

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

Float issue with images in a list of divs

I am utilizing MVC pattern to provide a list of divs that have an image, some text, and a button.

In the image provided you can see the problem. However, I did fix that issue by adding overflow: hidden; to the list-item div.

Is there another way to fix this issue, or can someone explain why overflow: hidden; didn't hide anything?

PS - I couldn't get the HTML to render properly for whatever reason is going, so i just took a snapshot.

    border-top: 1px dotted gray;
    padding-top: .7em;
    margin-bottom: .7em;

CSS Styling Img in wordpress

I need to have all my images to have background shadow, since i have made so many posts so far i need a solution with which i wont go back with all posts and link each image to the new class..

please helo me with this.:

link: http://www.avanavaz.com/media/kaveh-danesh-age-to-nakhandi/

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