Image Upside on 1st page load

On my website, the first time anyone loads this website, the rounded corner to the right of the main navigation is upside down. The image in question. When you refresh the first time, the image flips to the correct position.

CSS image stretch

hey guys Im using wordpress and I have this css script

ul#nav2 li a:hover {
	padding-top: 0px;
	background: transparent url("images/onhover1.png") no-repeat scroll left top;

And I want the image to stretch automaticly if the words are bigger.
This is wordpress navigation menu.And every category have different word length and Im using an image as backround of every category.

Image unclear in my website (But in local files, looks perfect!)
The url to my site is
If you look at the homepage, you can see that the first image on the main menu tabs is very unclear. (you have to roll over the bar to view the image)
I can't seem to figure out why, since when I view the website on my computer, which has the same exact image, it looks perfectly clear! It's only online that it looks this way! (And any other image that I put it that spot is also clear)

Make the page not feel like it has to show the whole image

On the site I'm creating, I have my banner image/link in a div running along the top of the page. I was able to successfully centre it no matter what size the window is at, but now every time the window is resized to a width smaller than the banner width, it creates a scroll bar to allow the user to see more of the image. I want it to show only what it can with the window width and not feel like it has to show the whole thing with a scroll bar.

I don't think posting my code is necessary, but if it is, just let me know.
Thanks, Cameron.

Background image not showing

For some reason, my page's background image won't show up.
I've used this to add background:


For some reason it won't show up. I've got the CSS properly linked to the HTML document. Everything but the background image will show up. Why is this happening to me?

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