Make my ad look bigger on mobile

hey guys I'm working on my mobile site.

So now everything works fine

-I got my image look 100% and the headings are fine

but everything else I add are showing smaller on mobile.

please take a look on the screenshot

this is the actual url

image overlay

I am having a bit of trouble getting the swapped images to stay behind the image above. I know it makes now sense but click on this link It is a legion baseball site. I have a main image called home that sits behind the 320 stars logo. Then mouse over one of the pictures to the left. These images on swap show up below the logo image. The "home" image is then still visible on the top of the swapped photo. I would like the swapped photos to also show up in the same fashion as the home image. I would like them all behind the logo.

Need help with css text

Hey guys look at this pic first

What I want is the text ( Friends , Fans) to appear right beside the count of fans on the same line
Like oon the Image below that I modified with paint.

So there is my codings ( I know it makes no sens and I can do it better but I dont know how)

<div> <!-- float container -->
  <div style="float:left;"><img src ="wp-content/themes/cheetahtheme/images/face.png"></div>

Stop image repeat

hey guys
I read a lot of your css tricks and they are amazing but I cant find this one
I want to stop the image repeat when the image reaches the text. How can I do that???

<style type="text/css">
	border-bottom: solid 1px #f5f5f5;
	background: transparent url("") repeat-x scroll left center;

IE9 - transparent images, border shown anyway.

I am a javascript developer.
I have this weird problem, with IE of course. Only this time ONLY IE9 bugs.
I have made a picture slidehow:
Press a thumb picture to see it. Slide around using the arrow keys.
When i close it(ESC) and enter a new one,
!! the pictures are transparent, which they should not be, though the border is still shown?? Puzzled !!
This weird, weird problem, which I've tried to fix in many ways, only occurs in IE9.

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