image maps not displaying

Lotek from Thailand here.

I just joined the forum and I'm hoping I can find an answer to a problem that has been with me for days.
I'm building a Joomla e-commerce site which is 3 columns and structurally sound (or at least I'd like to think so).

My problem is this;
I put a png sidebar image map into

link to go over png background image which is in a
The png backgrounds display OK and remain so even as I add the html tags and css for all the dl tags.

rollovers -- image mapping

i'm stuck, and have been looking everywhere for info on how to resolve this problem...

i want to make an image map rollover. the first image is narrower than the image it swaps in when moused over. works fine as a generic rollover image but when the cursor is moved off the image area the 2nd image it stays on the screen until the cursor is completely off the page.

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