Cross browser compatibility of the CSS scrollbars

We're implementing CSS scrollbars on our website, and they're working fine with all browsers apart the older versions of IE (like IE8). We cannot get IE to process the same CSS/JS rules in order to obtain the same output. As we've noticed that some websites have managed to make explorer display the custom bars instead of the standards, I would like to know if someone has a pice of code to share that make the CSS bars appear exactly the same way independently from the browser that the client is using.

Thanks in advance!

How can this website be fixed in IE9?

if you check this website you will notice that it is fine with every other browser except for IE 9.
What is the problem and what needs to be fixed?
website is
Thank you.

IE7 and sidebar problem

Hi everybody,

got a little problem here with IE7, sidebar floats off the page Smile
Meaning the red banner in our case.
it's wordpress with a bought theme (with apparently non existent support)

What should i change in css ?

juukse ravi


And another question:

I would like to use text-align:justify foe all the pages and posts, where should i add it ?

adding an ID to a div tag shift page drastically


i duplicated my index page and added an id to the body tag and now the page shifts down and left?

this is odd. Its the same exact page with a different id in the div.

Please help, watch the shift here ->

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name changes in CSS

Anyone wanting to have a cool name in the css here's your extra program

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This is not a Counter strike forum, opening your eyes for two seconds would have shown you that *sigh* .

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