content doesnt display in IE8

This problem has been aggravating me for quite some time and I'm sure it is something simple. My site displays just fine on all browsers EXCEPT IE8. While loading, the content appears for a split second and then disappears. All that is left is the header and background colors.

My site is I have put it through CSS validators and fixed all the problems and it still is messing up. Is there a well-known bug with this browser? I am also using a modified twenty-ten theme if that makes any difference. Thanks for checking it out for me.


List Items not Centering in Table for IE (related to WhiteSpace Error)

Hi, I was updating a webpage for our website and I would like to center list items in an already centered table, however the White Space Error occurs when viewing in Internet Explorer.
So when I want bullets to look like this
---------table cell start---------
*list item one
*list item two

-------table cell end--------------

they end up looking like this:

---------table cell start---------
* list item one
* list item two

---------table cell end------------

IE9 reads my IE-specific stylesheet for 2 seconds, then switches back

Hello everyone, I'm new here Smile

So, I specifically looked up this forum to get this problem sorted. It's the classic IE stylesheet issue - but with a twist.

So I've finished the design of my website (using Google Chrome), and got rather pleased with it, so now it's time to make it work in IE (works fine in Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox). So I went googling for the IE-specific stylesheet code that I needed, found it, and pasted it into my code.

Problem with Text size/color in IE but perfectly fine in firefox, safari, and chrome..


this is my first post, but what i've seen on this site so far it looks like it's full of information so i'm glad i found it.

Positioning problems. Fixed positioned ads on either side of a webpage.

First, let me say that I am still learning CSS. I only just dove into this 3 weeks ago so please excuse me if this is a basic fix.

I am working on a site that has to have fixed positioned ads on either side of the page (the goal is to have the ads float with you as you scroll). The problem is, (other than IE not even coming close to rendering it correctly) when you resize the browser or view it from a smaller screen the ads either cover the main content or float off to the left.

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