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Hi there everyone!
My friend (the designer) and I (the programmer) have made this website, which we think rocks in design compared to all the competitors (,,, etc..)
We have not done much for promoting quite yet, nor is there really that much content -
but what do you think of the design? Smile
Please notice, among other things,
the %-based design
the very "big" design
the clouds
the shadows
the fullscreen feature of the games

Check it out, and have fun: Laughing out loud

Different renderings

I made a site for a client, tested css in IE9 with viewoptions for IE8, IE7, in the browsers Firefox, safari and opera.
All looks fine, but my client sended me a printscreen with the notice, that not all elements align right.
Can somebody help me please to find out whats wrong ??

The page where my client has difficulties is


<header> not loading in IE and FF

Happy to stumble across this website in hope that I can have help with my coding issue.

Just started working at this company and when they found out I used to design websites, I subsequently took over re-designing their website from an outside guy. Most of it was done, but changes and converting A LOT to CSS was what I mostly worked on. It's been more than a few years since I've coding a site, so I'm sure I've missed something along the way here.

Broken layout in IE9 but IE8 is fine, can anyone give me some helps?

I'm confusing about the Header's layout rendered in Ie8(and other modern browsers) is fine, but not in ie9, and the CSS seems to not displayed in ie9 well... I really don't know how to fix it...what I'm thinking is that possibly relative to the "float" property ? or the hasLayout problem? (I am sorry for some reason that i don't have the full original code right now.)


here's the css code:

Concerns with my Tutorial Website | Review & Comment Please

Hello I am Tom a co owner of Dubleeble and I was wondering if Website has any potential.Currently my website is mostly functional and the many put is done just some tweaking and software page to complete.

My Site


  • if the CSS problems with IE matter so much
  • Generic Design to bland
  • Uninteresting Content to most people
  • Hard to find what your looking for
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