background images dont show in IE

Hi all,
I am working on a webpage using joomla! and superfish menu system
i am trying to design a menu that uses images for its 1st level and plain text for sub-menus.

for that i have been tweaking the Superfish menu CSS file and got nice results in all browsers accept IE. in IE only the :over mode images are showing. regular images dont.

i dont knwo what to do and i have been pulling my hair at this for a few days.
the websites URL is :
my superfish css code is:


Chrome & CSS Creator

I know this is going to sounds VERY strange.

I used CSS creator to generate a simply layout (in CSS) . I am trying to learn and their layouts provide a perfect starter template. Here's the strange part.

I made 2 layouts on 2 different computers. BOTH look great in ( I know I know) IE7 and completely wrong in Chrome (newest release).

IE z-index issue...content not appearing

Hi there,

a img {border:none;} doesn't remove borders in IE7


My problem is that I have ugly purple borders around my image links on my site. Every page that I have found has the same CSS to solve the problem. It seems to work for everyone except me.

My site:
Issues: Purple borders will not go away in IE.
My computers: I write my HTML/CSS on a Mac using TextWrangler. I have a PC as well with IE7.

I know that the CSS code should be
a img{ border: none;}

This hasn't worked for me and it is driving me nuts.

Here is my CSS:

Thanks in advance. If you need anything else, please let me know.


Vertical Bottom & Horizontal Center Alignment Fails in IE

Hi All,

I am looking for a cross-browser based method for achieving vertical bottom & horizontal center alignment together. The method that I've tried is based on the line-height property and it works perfectly fine in browsers except IE7 (I haven't checked it with IE6 though).

You can find my page source below

        <title>Vertical Bottom Alignment Test</title>
        <style type="text/css">            
            .category {

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