Page wont display Correctly in IE7 or older. But works fine in Chrome, Safari, IE8, Firefox 3.57

Hi Guys,

This is alot of code, and i appolagize for that, but i just cant figure this one out, Site seems to work fine in all new browers, even safari, just not working in IE7 or earlier. If you go to homepage, and click on any links on the side like trasnfer or new years eve, or brewery tours, the text section appears below the nav bar left.... This only happens in IE7 or if you try compatability mode in ie8... Any pointers on my code are appricaite, and any pointers in the right direction are also always appriciated.

Thank You

Can someone test/help my site?

Here is my site, only thing it is missing is news articles which I can't post just yet.
The Fan Network/Knetwork and gallery do not need to be checked.
The home button will work once I make the site live
I have checked my site in these browsers:
Mac: Chrome 3/4, Firefox 3.5.5, Safari 4.0.4, Sea Monkey 2.0.2
Problem with Firefox 3.5.5 is there is a blue box around the album image on the main page not on the lyrics page though, any ideas?

Windows: Internet explorer 8

IE Issue with My Site Navigation


Trying to figure out why the navigation has an unsightly gap on IE browsers. Can anyone lend a hand to someone in need? Thanks in advance.

Objects showing as inline in ie 7

I am styling a Drupal Ubercart site and have noticed a problem when viewing the shopping cart block in ie 7. It looks OK in 8 and perfect in Firefox and Safari.
The "items", "total", "View cart" and "Checkout " display inline and I have specified them as block. I added a width restriction to the div too so they would reflow on the the next line but that doesn't work either.

I really hope someone can help!!

The dev site is here

Website dissappears in IE!

Hi All,

I have been working on a website and it displays absolutely nothing in IE! I've seen little differences before but this is a new one on me! I figured I would post my code and hopefully someone could tell me what is wrong... Great forums by the way, I have found all I need so far in this place Smile . Some of the code isn't mine so please no jibs about the use of it (I'm the repair man lol).

<link href="css/styleSheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<div class="page-container">
   <div id="header" class="header">

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