IE6 Double Float bug

Hi all,

I'm having an issue on some floated divs in IE6. I've added the double margin bug fix of: display:inline but that's not solved the issue. Am I missing something very obvious here?


		<div id="portfolio">
			<!-- Post Starts -->
			<div class="post block fl Web">

Display differences - Firefox and IE6&7

Hi All Smile

I'm new to this forum so bare with me.

I am having issues with the display of my clients website, , whereby the menu will not center in IE and the spacing between the menu - header - content - footer is different when displayed in firefox and IE6&7.

I have tried editing the Style.css and the theme I'm using does allow for differnt style.css for IE6, IE7 and other browsers.

Below is my style.css code for the main style.css file.

Browser issues driving me crazy

I'm just putting the last pieces in place for my website layout and, like an idiot, I wasn't testing it in IE the whole time. What I have is a site that looks exactly like I want it to in FireFox and Chrome but blows up in IE. I've managed to update the CSS to fix many of the problems in IE, but I just can't get it to look like it should.

The site is:

Centering float in IE7


i was looking for a solution in various forums but couldnt find it..

I have expandable buttons (img replaced with background-color) and need them to be centered. my code doesnt work in IE7 only Sad is there a solution?

<style type="text/css">
.container {display:table;font-size:13px;font-weight:bold;margin:0 auto;padding:15px 0 10px;text-align:center;}

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