Rollover works in chrome but not in IE

Rollover on slide show buttons works in Chrome but not in IE and the Right Side button seems to overlap in Chrome but not in IE. I would greatly appreciate your help.

CSS issues in IE8 only - help!

Hi there,

I'm having some serious issues with my CSS - but strangely this seems to be happening in IE8 only.

The menu of my website uses CSS divs and spans to give the 'hover' over effect (where the image changes when you hover over it). Two of the images that make up my menu are being pushed down, and I just can't figure out why. The image sizes are fine, and the code 'appears' to be ok...might this be a browser issue or my code?

I was hoping that a CSS guru out there might be able to help me and shed some light on this issue.

Submenu doesn't work properly in IE7


I’m quite new to the HTML_CSS and most of what i’ve learn already was self taught.

I’ve designed a website and it works totally fine with all major browsers except IE7. For some reason my vertical submenu (5 items) changed in 2 colums 3 left an 2 right)
Please can somebody help me with this issue?

Edit: I attach an image to show the diffrence…

/* menu::base */
div#menu {
        margin:470px 0 0 300px;
        height: 52px;
        padding-left: 6px;
        background: url(../images/left.png) no-repeat;

CSS question

I have a website I am working on for a local historical society, but I
am running into problems with vertically aligning the text in buttons
on a Spry Menu Bar (the code for which being generated with
Dreamweaver. I am trying to make the hyperlink for the button go away
when it would normally link to the current page, and make the text
bold, while keeping all other aspects of the button the same as the
others. However, the text will not vertically align properly (I've
"vertical-align: middle", "vertical-align: 50%", and making both the

help with background images

Hi all,
I have a div that is being used for a navigation menu and has a percentage width and grows / shrinks with the browser window, in the div I have 2 images ( at top & bottom) with 100% width applied to them so they grow and shink with the div.

in between these these images Im using css to display a background image which is repeated on the Y axis. I cant get this image to adjust with the div like everything else does. I came across the background-size property for css 3, but this isn't supported in all browsers yet.

anyone know I can do this?


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