Where can I get ie7 (and maybe ie6)?

This is probably a really dumb question, so I apologize in advance.

I am an HTML/css noob. I have my site working great in IE 8 and FF, but it seems to have some issues in IE 7 on a friend's older computer. I would like to install IE 7 (and maybe even IE 6???) on my computer alongside IE 8, just to test it on all of the different releases and work on fixes.

Is there anywhere I can download these older versions of IE to run on my Vista computer?

Thanks very much.

Drop down showing behind Div in IE7

From what I have read , I'm guessing this is a z-index issue. The theme that I am using has explicitly set the z-index for the dropdowns .nav li ul to 10000.

Problem with z-index and display

I'm building a site here and on the home page I have two tabs off to the right side that use javascript to switch the display property of two divs. This system all works fine and dandy in everything but IE of course... IE doesn't seem to recognize the z-index that each of the items is on and the main picture and text get shifted down when you click on one of the tabs. Can anyone help me resolve this problem?

Here's my CSS:

Difference in Rendering Between Firefox on Ubuntu and Windows

Hi, I've tried this out on Chrome and Firefox on both Ubuntu and Windows XP systems, plus IE on Windows.

As I Want It.png
This is how I want it to show.

How Windows Explorer and Firefox Sees It.jpg
This is how the site looks on every browser I tested, except on Firefox on Ubuntu.

Why is this site giving me grief? What is causing the space? I don't get it.

IE 6 negative margin elemnt

I am working on a Drupal site and I have a few ie6 annoyances I haven't been able to solve. At http://cass.lib.mi.us, the My Account button on the right should be up near the top of the header. The image has a negative top margin:

#how-do-i .img{

margin-top: -20px;
margin-right: 10px;

When I insert, position: relative; the element disappears in ie 6.

Everything looks sine in FF, IE7, IE8 etc.



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