External CSS file appears to load imcompletely?

When viewing my webpage for the first time after clearing the cache or for the first time in a few days, the page layout is incorrectly displayed. It appears as if the CSS file has not fully loaded as the main navigation layout is jumbled. Once the page has been refreshed or a different page on the site is viewed - the layout is correct- as if the CSS file fully loaded on the second attempt.

This happens in IE8 and Firefox 4.01 (not tested on further browsers) – on Windows Vista - to both the homepage and secondary pages.

IE 8 issue with sub navigation dropdowns

Hey! I have a site at southwedge.com and when it is on IE8 the sub menu dropdowns. Sometimes, the sub menu text will appear and other times it wont!

I have been adding z-index to the CSS but it doesn't seem to help. I am unsure why on all the other browsers this works and only sometimes on IE8. It has been driving me nuts for a couple days. Any thoughts!?

Two Divs, side by side in one big div.


I'm working on this website and I'm having some trouble with the content and sidebar divs (http://narocila.gratita.com/ninc). If you go to the website, you can see a big "content" div. Inside that div I have a "left_sidebar" div. Now, I want to add another "text" div besides the sidebar div. I also want the main ("content") div to strech with one of those two divs (with the one that's longer ofcourse).

Thank you for all your help, Big smile

Some layout issues in IE and iphone/ipad

HI I have been working on a wordpress project and am having a few final issues with the css -

the url for the site is massescollective.com.au

The issues I am experiencing are -

In the post column the padding at the top of each entry is collapsing and writing an IE only style sheet with additional styling doesn't seem to be fixing it – the same goes for the headings on each individual post page


Layout not working properly in IE

So I am building a social network for my family. All is going well. The issue I am having is that the main page looks great in all but IE. To view the page in question, please visit www.mycookfamily.info. In Chrome, Safari, etc... The bottom columns go across the page under the image area but in IE it creates one long column. I am sure this is a somewhat simple fix but cannot seem to make it work. Any feedback would be genuinely appreciated.

CSS Sheet...
* { padding: 0; margin: 0; outline: 0; }

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