Menu in IE9 Looks Bad

Hello guys,

I am having problem with my wordpress website ,the menu is fine in chrome and mozilla, but looks differently in IE9, I can't trace the problem using IE's element inspector.


Site Check: background color behind drop downs

I am on the Mac so can't see what this user is seeing on this site:

If you put your cursor over Asthma Education on the top nav bar the background color should be navy blue with white text. Instead this user is seeing a light gray background, or something that makes the text very hard to read.

Does anyone have Internet Explorer 9.0 and can let me know if they are seeing the same thing?

IF so, any ideas why this would be happening in IE and not in Firefox, Opera and Safari?

IE9 - transparent images, border shown anyway.

I am a javascript developer.
I have this weird problem, with IE of course. Only this time ONLY IE9 bugs.
I have made a picture slidehow:
Press a thumb picture to see it. Slide around using the arrow keys.
When i close it(ESC) and enter a new one,
!! the pictures are transparent, which they should not be, though the border is still shown?? Puzzled !!
This weird, weird problem, which I've tried to fix in many ways, only occurs in IE9.

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