IE7 Layout issue


I've been trying to fix this issue for days!!

In IE7 on a couple of my sites pages it is doing random things to the layout!

the site is, the pages affected are the "About us" & "Products" pages.

On the "About Us" page, IE7 is dropping the text below the images, rather than floating it next to them.
On the "Products" page, the gallery has a div that is being pushed out (has the "previous" and "next" text in it)

It would probably be easier to visit the site to view the source but here is the About Us code...

About us HTML -

IE7 issue with menu

This menu should be horizontal and is vertical in IE7. Works in ALL other browsers functioning properly.

I've tried a number of things and just still cannot resolve the issue without creating an entire style sheet for IE7, which is not going to happen at this point.

any help would be appreciated!!!

#masthead { position: relative; margin-bottom: 30px; overflow:visible;}

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