Weird IE7 transparent png background issue


I've been trying to get my head around a strange problem that IE 7 has with semi-transparent png backgrounds.

If you look at this link in IE 7 (WinXP) you'll notice that only a part of the footer's background is transparent. The rest is opaque. And if you scroll up and you'll notice that the transparent area moves to the top, while the bottom side becomes opaque.

The entire footer has the exact same background. A semi transparent png tile of 128x128 pixels set to "repeat".

Site stuck in IE7&IE8


I have a very strange situation here...
my site is show up as it should be except in IE8&7.
It stuck the browser. I think that it got to do with the CSS.

here's a link:

I have this site as well:

and I use there at the same Wordpress theme. and there everything is fine.
I have two reason to suspect the CSS:

1. The other theme works like charm and it's identical to this one.
2. I changed only the CSS.

this is nothing I could see before...
any ideas here guys?

IE7 text box scrolling overflow issue

Hi there, I have a problem in IE7 where my text box just seems to scroll when you fill it with text:

Here is my HTML:

<div id="divNewsletter" class="leftNav" style="z-index: 670;">
                    <span id="ctl00_NewsletterControl1">
<div id="ptkSubscribe" style="z-index: 660;">
        <div class="emailAddress" style="z-index: 650;">Email Address</div><table width="50px" style="width:50px" class="NewsletterBox">
            <td colspan="2"></td>

CSS IE7 Position Absolute Bug

Hi Guys,

I have a website ([URL=""][/URL]), all is fine is the browser tests apart from IE7 of which the sub menu does not appear.

It is originally within the main menu, but I have removed it from here via absolutely positioning it.

After 1 day of solidly trying to figure it out, this could be the first time IE7 has got me!

P.S the website is a wordpress site and all I can edit is the CSS Sad

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


IE 7 Browser Incompatibility Issue?


Will someone please help me to fix an issue I am having with Browser compatibility?

When this site is viewed in IE 7 the logo image on the top left is partially hidden by the main image below it? This does not happen in IE 8 and above and sits on top of the main image below it when viewed with IE6 which isn't too bad really.

All other browsers view this page correctly?

Site address:

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


New York Smile

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