List Items not Centering in Table for IE (related to WhiteSpace Error)

Hi, I was updating a webpage for our website and I would like to center list items in an already centered table, however the White Space Error occurs when viewing in Internet Explorer.
So when I want bullets to look like this
---------table cell start---------
*list item one
*list item two

-------table cell end--------------

they end up looking like this:

---------table cell start---------
* list item one
* list item two

---------table cell end------------

IE7 Layout issue


I've been trying to fix this issue for days!!

In IE7 on a couple of my sites pages it is doing random things to the layout!

the site is, the pages affected are the "About us" & "Products" pages.

On the "About Us" page, IE7 is dropping the text below the images, rather than floating it next to them.
On the "Products" page, the gallery has a div that is being pushed out (has the "previous" and "next" text in it)

It would probably be easier to visit the site to view the source but here is the About Us code...

About us HTML -

CSS not working for IE7 but works for IE8, help

Hey guys,
having a little problem... Please see this link and test it in IE7 and then in IE8.

The problem is with the "MODIFY EXISTING ENTITY" and the "ADD NEW ENTITY" links..., and below that is a tag with a background image set to it with repeat-x. It works fine with IE8 and Firefox but not IE7.

Here is the HTML:

      <div class="main">
        <h1>Manage Entities</h1>
        <div class="wrapper-tabs">
            <div class="wrapper-tab-inner">

I hate javascript

Hello, let me start off by saying I have this website. if you go to it you will see that it has a hover over code, but it's in javascript, the problem with is that, I send my portfolio out to companies, and sometimes if they are using something like IE7, this page won't load correctly on their browsers. I wanted to know what kind of css code i could possibly use to replace for the javascript code. Thank You

z-index problem in ie7 with fixed header element and transparency

I've mocked up a page using that has has several elements fixed in a div under which the content of the of the page is to flow. The background of this div is a CSS gradient, and has a height of 100% (if the gradient is applied to to the actual body of the page it doesn't actually extend the whole width of the page). As the user scrolls up, the content is to be viewable behind an opaque menu.

The layout works as I want in FF and Chrome, but the content of the page scrolls over the fixed upper area in IE7.

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