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My post is in reference to this site (in development):

In IE6 the global nav bar is wildly sensitive. Each global nav item has a drop down list and that drop down list gets generated even when the mouse is an inch below the bar (and its not usually even the drop down list directly above it.)

We've run out of ideas for how to fix this issue and so I was wondering if anyone in this forum would have any ideas.

Thank you

Website showing IE6 vs. all other browser display

Does anyone know the URL of a website that shows the web page as a completely different display for IE6 visitors? It's a demonstration of how CSS can be used to control what is seen by IE6 visitors given the limitations it have compared to other browsers.
Thanks so much!

IE6 IE7 indent not working like in FIrefox

I have a different result in this form shows up nice in Firefox but badly in IE

My form in Firefox
the same form in IE6

width: 20em;
float: left;
text-align: right;
margin-right: 0.5em;
display: block;

<legend><strong>Sus Datos</strong></legend>
<br/><p><label3 for="name">Su nombre:</label3><input type="text" name="name" title="Ingrese su nombre aquí"size="20"></p>

Navigation links alignment problem in IE 6/7 but in IE 8 it works.

Here is my site: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

In IE 8 my navigation links are centered in in the navigation image. In IE 6/7 They just simply wouldn't center like it does in IE 8.
Here is the CSS Code for IE 6
#header h1 {
	padding-bottom: 0; 
	line-height: 13px;
#nav {
	width: 637px;
	margin-left: 305px;
	height: 100%;

Here is the CSS Code for IE 7

#header h1 {
	height: 92px;
	width: 304px;
	margin-right: 300px;
	margin-bottom: -89px;
	line-height: 18px; 
img {

SixfootStudio - Background image position in <a> tag issue in IE6

Hi Guys,

I am sitting with a problem I have not found a solution to in IE6.

My hyperlinks in my right colum wraps across two lines and should have an arrow image at the end of that line. In FF and IE8, this works just fine but IE6 misplaces the arrow altogether.

Here's a snippet of my code if someone can see an obvious mistake here please

<a title="Media Center" href="#">This would be a very long string which wraps across two lines. The bullet should then appear on the second line at the bottom</a>

#LeftCol a

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