My Nav Bar Won't Work in IE6 and 7! Help Please!

I am having some serious problems trying to figure out how to get my navigation bar to work in IE6 and 7, I have tried everything (that I know how to do, I'm no expert). It is a dropdown that works in every other browser (firefox, chrome, safari, and ie Cool. Here is the specific problem, when i mouse over a link that has 2 levels of links the none of the text on the links is visible until you actually mouse over them, and then they will stay visible until you reload the page. How can I get it to act normally like it does in all the other browsers?

Drop down menu does not function in IE

I have created a dropdown menu for my site.
The dropdown works great in Firefox, safari and opera but it does not drop down in IE.

The menu is displaying ok in IE but when you hover over a tab nothing happens.

This is the link There are two menus "navigation" which is the bottom category menu in grey and "navigation_blue" - which is the top bue tabs. I have the same problem with both menus.

Content not displaying in IE

Issue Site looks correct on PC via Firefox Opera Safari Chrome

I have some box model issues in IE in the header (I will fix these soon)

The main issue is that in any IE on PC (Maybe on mac too but I have not tested it yet) the content after <div class="tagbar" /> does not draw in...

I cant figure out what the cause is Please give me input. Thanks in Advance

Test Link


/* begin Page */

Suckerfish subnav problem in IE ~ drops behind content

I created a nice Suckerfish dropdown menu for my subnavigation, but I'm having one problem with it in IE. The dropdown menu wants to go behind my transparent content area below... rendering the dropdown menu useless. It works fine in Firefox, Safari, and Opera. I checked both the CSS and HTML code for validation and it's all fine. Is this a z-index issue? I tried that for a while, but if it is the solution, I wasn't finding the right place to put it.

IE6 issue - background-position causing height issues

Hi guys,

I'm having a really tough time getting my head round this one. It's an IE6 bug that I've never encountered before, and haven't found anyone else having this problem either. Had a good search of this forum and trawled through about 50 google search results with no resolution.

Basically, I have a menu at the top of my page that uses background-position on the :hover event to move the bg image up/down 25px. It's using a background on the a tag and text-indent to clear the text out of the way.

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