Objects showing as inline in ie 7

I am styling a Drupal Ubercart site and have noticed a problem when viewing the shopping cart block in ie 7. It looks OK in 8 and perfect in Firefox and Safari.
The "items", "total", "View cart" and "Checkout " display inline and I have specified them as block. I added a width restriction to the div too so they would reflow on the the next line but that doesn't work either.

I really hope someone can help!!

The dev site is here

Hyperlink disappears in ie6, ie7 and ie8 with compatibility view

I'm working on a site and I've stumbled on a problem. Site: Premier Medical Spa.

On the main page I have a div on the right side (BUYER BEWARE section) with the overflow property set to auto. at the very bottom I'm trying to add a simple hyperlink. Shows fine in safari, chrome and firefox but in ie6,7 and 8(with compatibility view) the hyperlink seems to drop out and disappear from the div which contains it. Haven't seen this before, hope someone can suggest a solution.

Thanks in advance

Header alignment + IE problems?

Hello all,

I'm new to this forum, but I figured if anyone could help me out, it'd be here.

My site: http://www.zachmcqueary.com/clients/cinemas8/index.php

As you can see, I'm getting a horrible alignment problem in the header of my page. It seems that my are falling out of line when I incorporate the menu. I was trying to propagate a template that I found, but it keeps throwing everything out of whack. Not only that, but in IE everything goes to hell, especially my header (css sprite). Sad

Please help check my site ( having big time problem with IE that causing my drop down menu not showing up )

Hi guys,

Can i post my site that using blogger template here as i facing problem with IE with my top menu out of alignment and i couldn't find the source of the problem.

if possible please help me find out where is the problem as that problem is making my link not showing up in IE and even worse in older version of IE .

1stly i have 2 site but both using same template and only the one that using blogspot.com having more problem than the other one that is using own domain and i don't understand why.

Thanks a millions....... below are the details

1. Sghousehub.com

IE8 font manipulation

I finally got round to adding a virtual environment on my Mac to deal with running IE6 to check issues with styles.
Has been great.
Basically I have found by adding * in front of the secondary class it only affects in IE6.
font-size: 12px;
*font-size: 10px;

This has saved my life as far as IE6 goes.
Now the issue is that IE8 seems to be mostly compliant with the standard CSS codes.
However, because of the difference between fonts on Mac and PC, the IE8 layout sometimes has text moving out of a set size box.

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