Menu looks sweet in Firefox.... IE? ..... eh, not so much

I have a new test menu I am trying to get working. It looks correctly with the version of firefox (apart from a slight gap between items), however, it looks HORRIBLE in IE!

I can provide any/all code if needed.
I figured that someone out there would be able to easily find the problem. I have bad menu luck apparently. Sad

Thanks in advance.

Exhausted!!! Ohh CSS why?

I just published my website after a month of exhausting work and 3 all nighters. I was so relieved that it was done....and then I realized (after I had told people of course -- and I didn't find out about the problem until 1000 visitors had already gone to the site --- EMBARRASSING!!!!) that the site is not coming out right in Internet Explorer and Netscape. Mostly internet explorer. You have to scroll way down to see the content.

Beginner - CSS and formatting

I'm not even sure how to use this forum properly, so I have probably got the technical ability of a louse. I am trying to rewrite a website which I wrote in Kompozer using a minimal amount of HTML knowledge with probably an even more minuscule knowledge of CSS. Although I'm sure I should learn to walk before I run, I get the impression that my heavy use of tables in formatting is something of a barbarian practice and so I felt compelled to change (especially as I've haven't completed the previous site).

The page is incorrectly displayed in IE6


I'm a beginner in CSS and I've got my page incorrectly displayed in IE6.
IE7/8 and Firefox are OK.

The URL of the site is

The CSS is

Any help is appreciated.


first-letter in IE7, compatibility view


I have a problem with the :first-letter pseudo element. In IE8 compatibility view (IE7) the first letter is not displayed correctly. You can take a look at the problem at this address:

I have read this wonderful article but I did not find a solution for my problem. Can anyone help?

Here is my css-code:

<style type="text/css">
	font-family: baskerville,"palatino linotype","times new roman", serif;
	font-size: 0.9em;
p.firstp:first-letter {

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