Styling an input type="file"

I have read about this from several places.

I have tried the method found here:

I could not get it to work. So I tried a CSS/HTML method and it works beautifully in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera (all latest versions) but does not in (you guessed it) IE8.

It looks fine, when you single click it, it doesn't work. If you double click it it works.

Any ideas how to get this to work with a single click?

Here is the page -

Need help getting site to look right in Internet Explorer.

Hello I have completely finished my site for Chrome and Firefox, which is never a problem. The problem is Internet Explorer! It seems its always IE that gives me trouble and its the most popular (even though its the worst!).

So if anybody isn't to mad at me for bad mouthing IE then can you please help me get past this last hump to start promoting my website.

CSS image a href decoration not working in FireFox and IE but it does in Chrome, what to do?

I put this in my CSS:
a {text-decoration:none;}
In Google Chrome you don't see a line around the clickable images, that's what I want. But in FireFox and Internet Explorer there are lines around the clickable images and I don't know how to fix this... since I put a {text-decoration:none;} in my CSS, which I think should solve the problem...
What do I need to do?
The website I'm talking about it by the way

External CSS file appears to load imcompletely?

When viewing my webpage for the first time after clearing the cache or for the first time in a few days, the page layout is incorrectly displayed. It appears as if the CSS file has not fully loaded as the main navigation layout is jumbled. Once the page has been refreshed or a different page on the site is viewed - the layout is correct- as if the CSS file fully loaded on the second attempt.

This happens in IE8 and Firefox 4.01 (not tested on further browsers) – on Windows Vista - to both the homepage and secondary pages.

Trouble with validating code, nav bar and cross browser compatibility; Help please

Hi I have spent countless hours learning to use Deamweaver and understanding the basics of webdesign. This is my first website and it is probably 98% there... I have had it live for about a couple weeks now but I just need a little help to have it run perfectly.

I am aware of issues with my horizontal 3 tier drop down menu. On some browsers, the last tab (Resources) bumps down to a second line. I have also noticed (on most if not all browsers) when you zoom in or out it the nav bar jumps between one and two lines. Is this a simple fix?

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