Added Padding or soomething with IE7.. please help

Its best to just show you the issue.. if you goto the link below in Firefox and then view it in IE you see the extra white space which has been added to the Right of the right CSS column/area.. i have ripped aprt my coding for that page trying to find the issue, but in this case i just cant seem to figure it out.. any help would be appreciated..

heres the CSS for those two columns (some of it is attempts to fix the issue.. hence some of the slop)

#WineMidTextArea {
float: right;
width: 543px;
height: 585px;

CSS help with Firefox and IE 8 and below

Hi, I'm still a CSS novice and hope someone can help me out with this. The website I'm creating looks fine in Google Chrome and IE 9. It looks completely different in earlier versions of IE as well as Firefox. Can anyone see where I'm going wrong?

Style.css code is here:

@import "../css/superfish.css"; @import "../css/reset.css"; @import "../css/grid.css"; @import url(",400"); @import "../css/prettyPhoto.css"; @import "../css/skin.css"; 
/* Getting the new tags to behave */

Site check please. Safari, Mozilla, Firefox ok, but some troubles with IE


I have rebuild the website of our practice and it looked alright in the three browsers mentioned in the topic. But for some reason, it is not on some of the office terminals, running with IE. The divs are being moved (float problem?) and the menu (that I took from is not working. Also, corners are not being rounded in IE, even though I have used 4 lines of css for every div when needed.

Strange behavior with image sprites in ie7 en ie8 (but not in later version of ie8)

I'm using image sprites in the menu on this site:

In ie 7 and earlier versions of ie8 it doesn't work like it should work.

The home button is repeated where the other images should be. The hover and active state are working fine.

This is the css for the menu:
#menu {
#inmenu {
#inmenu ul li {
float: left;
list-style-type: none;
#inmenu ul li a {
background: transparent url(../images/menu.gif) no-repeat;
display: block;

IE7 Page layout breaks


I'm currently working on a site

I'm currently testing the site in ie7 and the layout breaks on certain pages like

My sidebar is below the main content. I thought it had to do with the float clearing bug for ie7 but even when the sidebar is shorter then the content the layout breaks. Other pages work well by the way.

In my ie7only stylesheet I put:

*:first-child+html .clearfix {

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