My Weebly created website doesn't work properly with Internet Explorer

My new website created on works just fine with Safari and TenFourFoxG5 but not with Internet Explorer. I know only a very basic amount of HTML code so trying to read the code and figure out what is happening is like, well, a needle in a haystack. My website's address is

I can also open up the HTML code editor on Weebly and paste the whole thing here if that will be easier than viewing it on View Source.

IE navigation problem.

Hello everyone - this is my first post.

I'm still learning CSS and HTML and this problem has me stumped.
I noticed a tutorial over on webdesign tuts about a HTML5 responsive skeleton layout for widescreen devices. It's really good and the only problem I can find is that in IE 7 & 8 the navigation does not work properly. When you hover over the 'ENTERTAINMENT' menu the drop down items are taking on the width of the top level element and not the width of the actual item and also the hover is not activating when hovering over items number two and onwards?

Google translate flags inside the menu bar (ie problem)

Hi everybody,

I could manage to add google translator flags inside my menu bar but unfortunately it is looking nice only in chrome.
In ie, the flags are appearing outside the menu bar, not in the same menu line but in a new column at the end of the bar with large buttons associated to the flags.
I appreciate if someone could give me a clue.
The style and html used are this:

<style type="text/css">
font-family:Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif;
ul#menu li

Sprite and Alignment Issues in IE

So I have been trying to troubleshoot this issue for days and can't come up with a solution. I hope someone out there can help!!

So my navigation image sprite is not displaying correctly in IE7 or 6. It basically shows the whole sprite image scrunched up into the defined 100px height of the

    . Also, the sprite image has a width of 930px but in Firefox it begins to repeat the image even though the
      width is 930px. So I added the no-repeat to the background image sprite. Now it's not centered on the page. What's up with this?

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