Added Padding or soomething with IE7.. please help

Its best to just show you the issue.. if you goto the link below in Firefox and then view it in IE you see the extra white space which has been added to the Right of the right CSS column/area.. i have ripped aprt my coding for that page trying to find the issue, but in this case i just cant seem to figure it out.. any help would be appreciated..

heres the CSS for those two columns (some of it is attempts to fix the issue.. hence some of the slop)

#WineMidTextArea {
float: right;
width: 543px;
height: 585px;

Issues with IE: Opacity/Transparency + Background image


I have uploaded the site to the following location. Note that I hid it behind another site. All files within the folder /w/ are for this site.



Issue 1:
I have created a design which depends on blocks having a transaparency. It looks great if FF and IE 9, but I am having trouble acheiving the same effect in IE 6/7/8.

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