XHTML not recognising all the links pasted in the web page


I created a webpage with 8 link tags side by side inside the body tag.

After running I found that only alternate links were displayed on the IE page.

What can be the reason. Please help!

Modern Hyperlinks

1. So you thought that hyperlinks were always one colour. Well they don`t have to be any longer. Or even the same thickness....

2. Did you also think that hyperlinks were always straight as in underline or overline?
Again they don`t have to be. Think out of the box....

3. If the mouse sits too long on a hyperlink the hyperlink can disappear. You can make it so....

This is not exactly rocket science but I think what I have posted can really have an effect on how we will be presenting our sites.

Check this hyperlink.itlmaventus.nl

Miami Vice

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