more then one bg images in body tag

Hi All,

I want to know is it possible to apply more then one bg image for the body tag.



Hi All,
I create a scrolling text with help of marquee tag.Now i have a problem,
the image/text not visible.

I need the image/text start from top and hang for a moment start the scrolling towards top.

and my code like this


<marquee onmouseover="stop()" onmouseout="start()" direction="up" style="cursor:pointer" width="97" height="300" scrollamount="3"><img src="images/test.jpg" alt="test" width="100" height="97" /><br /><img src="images/test2.jpg" alt="test2" width="100" height="97" /><br /><img src="images/test3.jpg" alt="test3" width="100" height="97" />

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