Designing according to Screen Resolutions

I am planning to design a website according to different Screen Resolutions, but I the options are limited. Can anyone please guide me on how to make a compatible style that is supported on most of the browsers?

Thanks in advance.

Can someone test/help my site?

Here is my site, only thing it is missing is news articles which I can't post just yet.
The Fan Network/Knetwork and gallery do not need to be checked.
The home button will work once I make the site live
I have checked my site in these browsers:
Mac: Chrome 3/4, Firefox 3.5.5, Safari 4.0.4, Sea Monkey 2.0.2
Problem with Firefox 3.5.5 is there is a blue box around the album image on the main page not on the lyrics page though, any ideas?

Windows: Internet explorer 8

Job: Web and UI Design - HTML/CSS/JavaScript


I couldn't find a better place to post this job ad, so I'm posting here. If you're interested, please follow this link to apply:



Web and UI Design - HTML/CSS/JavaScript

$60,000-$70,000 + super

How can I get these two DIVs to be the same height and stay the same as content fills in them?

I have a question and I am sure my code is a mess because I am new to CSS but so far I have only noticed a problem in Safari for windows which I will work all that out at the end but I am confused about my main content area and the side bar on the right. I want them to always be the same height no matter what. Most likely the content/news section will dominate the length of the page. So the sidebar should just show white space and continue down next to the news articles. RIght now it's not doing that, I tried height auto and 100% and they did not work.

Layout Work

Sad( Hello buddies, my first post and i just wanna say im really novice in website design.

So, i wanna know ur suggestions about this page im working at the moment:, i have no idea about colors or anything, just tell me the good, bad or strange what urs think.

Maybe can i ask for a layout tutorial? =) ty so much ppl.

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