How can i use selectors to layouts

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I have some concerns about a homework in my class. This Homework is about apply some selectors to the layouts and don´t do long the stylesheet.

I'm learning now about html and css. How can i use the selectors in layouts or divs, for example this selestors,
to apply this selectors to layouts without text,they just have colors.
(and i learning english, excuseme for the orthography)

most challenging html/css design - any ideas?

Hi All,

I hope someone would know how to help me with this one.

I have been asked to create this page in HTML/CSS. ( mockup ) .
Ive never came across something so hard i just dont know how to start.

any ideas?

many thanks,

Div Resizing Help

Hi all,

I am currently working on this page at

I'm just finally starting to learn divs after going old school with tables for many years. This is probably a very simple question, but does anyone know to re-size the width of each div to say be only be about half of the size and only be in the vertical center third of the page? That way I can create promo images to be shown on the right third of the page.

I am assuming that I would have to go into the CSS, which was created by someone else. The code for the div titled "box" is:

Collapsing table cells

Does anyone know the CSS or HTML (or combo) script to be able to have a table row collapse when there is no text in one cell, but there is text in the next cell? I have a 2-column table with titles in the left column and want the right column to be populated by a user. If the user doesn't populate the right cells or row, I'd like that row -including the constant/visible text that is in the left col- to be hidden and that row to collapse or move up...

Sticky Footer Issues

I'm having difficulties creating a sticky footer that will not expand the size of the browser window OR keep its place. I've tried searching through this site and many others for answers, as well as have failed several attempts at following tutorials (CSS Sticky Footer included)... So, to get to the issues -

I'm able to create a sticky footer that will remain at the bottom of the page, however I cannot seem to overcome either of these 2 issues:

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