Css menu bar problem

Hello everyone

For a University project, we have to make a Homepage.
Since the classes was not deep in detail I'm really beginner in this stuff.

So I download a css menu from the page cssmenumaker.com and make it like I want to have it. Everthing works fine with the index.html but strangly when I want visit for example "Aktuelles" and then click on "Institut" the drop down menu doesn't show up.

Place a character in the top left corner of a div??

How can I place a character (number) in the top left corner of a div??


Need Guidance in CSS

I am really new to CSS so bear with me if ever I am really bad at it even if it is a very simple matter.

I have downloaded a template from HTML5 UP but the css for hover box effect and the font style in it are not in the style.css and I don't know how to find it.

Link for the template: http://html5up.net/astral

Images for what I mean the problem is:

Twitter Bootstrap2 three segment row where second spans remaining height

i'm trying to get a row cut into three segments following the below premises:

* First segment must have a max-height and always stay on top (min-height:0; max-height:40%). Minimum height can be 0. Scroll must appear if content doesn't fit max-height.

* Third segment must be placed on bottom (no fixed height). Height must be inherited from its content.

* Second segment must expand 100% of the remaining height. Scroll must appear if content doesn't fit remaining height.

Creating a website

So I'm a newbie. I'm teaching myself web design, html, css, all that good stuff. I left it for a while, but I'm picking it up again; I'm determined to finish my web site this time.

So, once you create your page, you've designed it the way you want and all, then you just repeat that page over and over and that makes up your website? All you need to add are the links to the different sections, but, in essence, that one page constitutes your website?

I guess I'm a bit confused? But who knows, maybe it really is that easy.

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