A problem with CSS

Hi guys. I've been writing css and html now for a couple of months and I believe I have just run into my first big problem. I've encountered this issue before and ignored it, but I feel it's time to address it.

Css menu bar problem

Hello everyone

For a University project, we have to make a Homepage.
Since the classes was not deep in detail I'm really beginner in this stuff.

So I download a css menu from the page cssmenumaker.com and make it like I want to have it. Everthing works fine with the index.html but strangly when I want visit for example "Aktuelles" and then click on "Institut" the drop down menu doesn't show up.

Place a character in the top left corner of a div??

How can I place a character (number) in the top left corner of a div??


Need Guidance in CSS

I am really new to CSS so bear with me if ever I am really bad at it even if it is a very simple matter.

I have downloaded a template from HTML5 UP but the css for hover box effect and the font style in it are not in the style.css and I don't know how to find it.

Link for the template: http://html5up.net/astral

Images for what I mean the problem is:

Twitter Bootstrap2 three segment row where second spans remaining height

i'm trying to get a row cut into three segments following the below premises:

* First segment must have a max-height and always stay on top (min-height:0; max-height:40%). Minimum height can be 0. Scroll must appear if content doesn't fit max-height.

* Third segment must be placed on bottom (no fixed height). Height must be inherited from its content.

* Second segment must expand 100% of the remaining height. Scroll must appear if content doesn't fit remaining height.

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