How does my site look?

I have recently created a website,
I was wondering if people here could take the time to check it out and give feedback,



Full screen vertical drop down menu not displaying sub categories correctly.

Hey Guys,

So I have an issue. This is probably an easy fix, but I have a full screen vertical overlay navigation menu with sub links (sub-lists). My issue is that I am trying to get the first set of list items to slide down so that the nested list items can slide down to be displayed. So far, I am only able to get the sub list items to slide down. Here is my codepen link:

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated Smile

Looking for awesome web animations!

Hello Frontenders,
Me and some friends are currenctly working on a project called CSSmarket. It's gonna be a website full of awesome animations
which you can sell. But we still need some more projects before the site can go online.

Would you like to help us and send one of your best projects to us so we can sell it for you? You will earn 80% of each sale!

For more information look at - Only the best animations on the web

And if you have any quetions about some Frontend I would love to try to help you!

How to make a chart view in html responsive

I am using asp:chart for chart view... I am binding the chart values from a datalist based on onCommand of the datalist... The design is basic HTML with CSS styling... I have already made all other parts of the page responsive... Only the chart view remains the same. If you want I cant post a piece of the code that is used for chart view... I tried downloading Chart.js plugin but I can't find a legitimate source...

<asp:updatepanel id="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" updatemode="Conditional" xmlns:asp="#unknown">

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